SEEL Southern Arena Eventing Championship


The SEEL Southern Arena Eventing Series

This is a new series for 2016/17 and run jointly by Pyecombe, Coombelands and Petley Wood with the final changing venues annually between the centres. Other venues will be invited to hold qualifiers during the qualifying dates period. The qualifying period for this championship will be from October 2016 till end of February 2017 and then recommence after the March 2017 finals till February 2018. The winners at the finals will be invited to collect there trophies and mementos  at the SEEL Ball in Tunbridge Wells on November 18th 2017.

Prizes at the final will include rugs, sashes, championship rosettes and excellent prize money according to sponsorship. It is also planned to run a stand alone class at the finals at 1.05/10 height.

Numbers to qualify: The first 10 competitors in all qualifying classes at 80cm/90cm/1m to qualify for the Championship finals at Petley Wood on the 5th March 2017. Qualifying information sheets will be issued to all combinations that qualify.

If the finals are oversubscribed a ballot will take place and be decided by number of qualifying classes attended and combinations may be restricted to competing in only one championship class. Qualifying tables will be kept updated and available to view on the websites of the centers and the South East Eventers League site.

Qualifying dates.

  • October: 16th Petley Wood, 27th Petley Wood, 29th October: Pyecombe
  • November: 5th Petley Wood, 12th Coombelands, 13th Coombelands, 20th Pyecombe, 26th Coombelands, 27th Coombelands
  • December :10th: Coombelands, 17th Pyecombe, 29th Pyecombe
  • January: 21st Pyecombe, 22nd Petley Wood
  • February: 4th Coombelands, 5th Coombelands, 11th Coombelands, 12th Coombelands, 25th Petley Wood, 26th  Pyecombe
  • 5th March: Petley Wood Championship Finals