Pre Badminton Grassroots Dressage in conjunction with SEEL

26th April 2017

Entries close 7 days before each date, online entries preferred.

These days will comprise of riding through a pre chosen test being judged by a listed judge who officiates at local horse trials and BD shows. The test will be marked in the normal way, the judge will then spend approx 10 minutes going through the test sheet and suggesting how better marks can be gained, the test will then be re ridden and judged accordingly.

10am start time. Start times will be available 2 days prior on


SEEL Arena Eventing Final Prize Winners

cath fowdey,100 winner 100 prize winners 90 winner emma barther 90 prize winners

80winner katy laver 80 prize winners 1.10 winner cath fowdrey 1.10 prize winners

BS Shows

Entries for these shows have improved dramatically over the last couple of months after there was concern over carrying on running these shows, thank you for your support. We have been requested by competitors to run some 1.30 Opens at future shows, this we will do on a trial basis to gather what support this additional class attracts…First one at our Valentines day show on February 14th….a real opportunity to spoil your other half with a day out at Petley !

Petley will run our first 2 day show over the weekend of 20th/21st of May. We are hosting a British Novice 2nd round on the Saturday and a National team qualifier on the Sunday….full schedules will be on the website soon.

Further dates announced for Nick Turner Clinics

We have been very fortunate to secure the services of Nick Turner for more dates for his ever popular clinics at Petley, these being February 27th (nearly full), March 16th,  April 13th and 10th May. Online pre payment is required for these clinics and often fill a month in advance


Latest Updates….


With the onset of our BD Dressage and Combined Training and running 2 arenas concurrently we are trying to get a pool of dressage writers together, whether you compete, have an interest in dressage or just at a loose end we would appreciate your help.

From a competitors perspective, dressage writing can be so educational and a real eye opener as to what the judge can see and what they are looking for during there test and is sure to gain you better marks. As a mark of our appreciation we will issue vouchers up to the value of £25 to be used against arena hire or competitions at Petley, you will also be fed and watered all day !!

All of our Dressage is judged by BD listed judges and normally runs on a Thursday or at a weekend, so if you have a few hours to spare and feel you can help please contact us by email to


SEEL ‘Home Farm’ Arena Eventing Finals

The finals for the inaugural running of this prestigious new series takes place at Petley over the weekend of 4/5 March, it’s now time to get your entries in or get yourself qualified if you haven’t already as time is running out ! We already have lots entered for the finals so don’t leave it to the last minute. The last qualifier takes place at Petley the week before the final on February 25th.

For updated list of qualified combinations follow the link

And for the schedule for the final


South of England Unaffiliated SJ Championships

These now sought after championships with better prize money than many of there alternative alongside rugs and sashes take place on Easter Sunday, April 16th, so as a special surprise you might find some edible Easter goodies on offer for all starters ? Follow the link for the schedule for the final

And to check if you have qualified yet


South of England Unaffiliated Dressage Championships

These finals take place on Sunday 23rd April with 2 arenas running concurrently giving you the opportunity to have a warm up test if required, or if not qualified another opportunity to get another competition under your belt, follow the link for the schedule

Preference will be given to qualified combinations for the warm up classes and NO callers will be allowed in championship classes

To see if you have qualified yet for the Intro, Prelim or Open final check out the lists of qualified combinations


BD Dressage and Unaffiliated Dressage

 We are running many of our Unaffiliated Dressage alongside BD classes this year, although the uptake for BD has not been that inspiring up till now. You will notice that for these competitions you will be allocated a bridle no with your start times, this is compulsory whilst running competitions together. Please could you please bring your bridle numbers along to future competitions and we are hoping that the tack shop that attends most of our shows will have them available to purchase.

Top US Grand Prix Rider & Coach to visit Petley in March


Sandy Osbourne will be coaching at Petley Wood on 3rd/6th/7th/8th/9th March 2017

US Grand Prix dressage rider, national judge and trainer Sandy Osborn visits the UK several times a year to train riders at all levels. Sandy has learned from some of the world’s most influential classical trainers and has sat in the hot seat alongside top judge, Stephen Clarke, scribing in two World Cup competitions. She has a unique way of delivering her message that makes dressage both fascinating and fun, and is available for one-to-one lessons for all abilities.
Here is some of the feedback Sandy received after her visit to Sussex last summer: “You treated every horse as an individual and each rider made obvious improvements in their session.” “Fantastic afternoon, would highly recommend a lesson or popping along to the next session. Sandy’s technical explanation and advice is exceptional, a real eye opener and so easy to understand.”
Spectators welcome at £5 per day
For more information, like Sandy’s UK page on Facebook:
Contact Jane Pether: 07515578174 or

SEEL Southern Arena Eventing Championship


The SEEL Southern Arena Eventing Series

This is a new series for 2016/17 and run jointly by Pyecombe, Coombelands and Petley Wood with the final changing venues annually between the centres. Other venues will be invited to hold qualifiers during the qualifying dates period. The qualifying period for this championship will be from October 2016 till end of February 2017 and then recommence after the March 2017 finals till February 2018. The winners at the finals will be invited to collect there trophies and mementos  at the SEEL Ball in Tunbridge Wells on November 18th 2017.

Prizes at the final will include rugs, sashes, championship rosettes and excellent prize money according to sponsorship. It is also planned to run a stand alone class at the finals at 1.05/10 height.

Numbers to qualify: The first 10 competitors in all qualifying classes at 80cm/90cm/1m to qualify for the Championship finals at Petley Wood on the 5th March 2017. Qualifying information sheets will be issued to all combinations that qualify.

If the finals are oversubscribed a ballot will take place and be decided by number of qualifying classes attended and combinations may be restricted to competing in only one championship class. Qualifying tables will be kept updated and available to view on the websites of the centers and the South East Eventers League site.

Qualifying dates.

  • October: 16th Petley Wood, 27th Petley Wood, 29th October: Pyecombe
  • November: 5th Petley Wood, 12th Coombelands, 13th Coombelands, 20th Pyecombe, 26th Coombelands, 27th Coombelands
  • December :10th: Coombelands, 17th Pyecombe, 29th Pyecombe
  • January: 21st Pyecombe, 22nd Petley Wood
  • February: 4th Coombelands, 5th Coombelands, 11th Coombelands, 12th Coombelands, 25th Petley Wood, 26th  Pyecombe
  • 5th March: Petley Wood Championship Finals