BS Ticket To Ride Update – For Unregistered Horses

Monday 30 September 2019.

As of the 15th October 2019 the former Blue Ticket to Ride will now be available online and will cover the unregistered horse for the entire day of the show rather than just the one class.

An electronic ‘Day Ticket to Ride’ will be available for purchase either individually or in multiple numbers for £5.00 each.   Existing members can purchase tickets via their Members Online login whilst non-members can also purchase tickets just as easily by registering an account with British Showjumping.

A ticket purchase history will then remain on the member/user account showing their individual status in respect of whether they are still available for use or if they have been redeemed.  Each ticket will have a unique reference number allocated to it which just needs to be given to the show centre at the point of entry.

The new Day Ticket to Ride allows for an unregistered horse to compete for a day at an affiliated show with either an existing or non-member as long as the rider is the same in each of the classes that it may enter in to. Tickets can be purchased for riders other than the member or account holder to use.  By purchasing a ticket it gives a day membership to the horse/rider combination for the show they are wishing to compete at.  Entry fees are still payable and no prize-fund or qualifications will be awarded to those competing on Day Ticket to Ride.

There will be a three month period during which the existing tickets will still be acceptable but these will not be an accepted form of entry for the unregistered horse from the 1st January 2020.