Petley are closely monitoring the EHV-1 outbreak and are in regular communication with our vets about the outbreak.

At this moment in time Petley will run there Dressage shows this weekend although the situation will be monitored on a daily basis .Entries for NSEA Dressage are now closed as completely full but can still accept a few more for Sunday 19th BD and Unaffiliated dressage..

Whilst attending the centre the stable yard is completely ‘out of bounds’ Please bring your own water to all shows rather than go onto the yards .This also applies to the BS Show on 25th January.

The latest update we have is that there are NO reported cases in Kent, Surrey or Sussex and at the time of writing there are NO reported cases outside of Hampshire.

EHV-1 is currently only recorded in the immediate vicinity of Crofton Manor, a show jumping venue and livery yard to the west of Portsmouth. People that have attended that venue, as well as connections, have been asked to isolate their animals and monitor them for 2 weeks.

Petley’s  schooling and other facilities remain open and will remain so unless we are instructed to close by our vets. At the point we are advised to close by our vets we will do so without hesitation. This virus is passed through contact, we therefore respectfully ask anyone visiting Petley to act responsibly. The best prevention against the spread of any animal virus is responsible livestock ownership.

Therefore, if you have visited Crofton Manor in the last two weeks please do not attend Petley. If your horse has shown any signs of a temperature or ill health in the 48 hours prior to visiting please do not attend . Whilst on site please remember that EHV-1 is passed through contact. Please park separately, do not loiter or hover around collecting ring unnecessarily with your horses, do not share water buckets or graze horses whilst on site.

We reiterate our long standing position that any horse visiting Petley MUST be up to date with their flu vaccinations and carry accompanying passport for inspection if requested.

We note and share below the advice of Crofton Manor’s own vets Kings Bounty Equine Practice and we continue to monitor the advice of the National Governing Bodies and will be guided by our own vets.

“****UPDATED EHV ADVICE from Kings Bounty Equine Practice****

So far the report are that there are still no confirmed cases of Equine Herpes Virus outside of Crofton Manor.

As we continue to work closely with equine vets from other practices across Hampshire and UK specialists in equine medicine and infectious disease, we would like to update you on current advice:

  1. A) For horses that have visited Crofton over the weekend of 21/22 Dec 2019.

These horses are currently outside of the 14 day advised isolation period. These horses are likely to be low risk and isolation at this point is unlikely, but we do still advise close monitoring of these horses and all other horses on the yard. In order to identify if your horse has been exposed to EHV, a one off blood sample should be taken to identify this for clearance.

For horses that have visited Crofton after 21/22 December and are within the 14 day advised isolation period then these horses should be isolated from other horses on the yard if possible and their temperatures should be taken twice daily for at least 14 days from their visit to Crofton. Yard movements should be ceased.

Gold standard advice is that blood samples and nasopharyngeal swabs should be taken from EVERY horse that went to Crofton, taken as near to the likely exposure date as possible, followed by another 2 weeks later.

  1. C) If there are no horses on the yard that have been to Crofton, then you may continue to hack out and horses can move on and off the yard as normal. If you have any concerns, then monitoring horses’ temperatures is a useful way of screening for disease.

We will update you if this changes or if there is further advice from the UK specialists in medicine and infectious diseases